Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get in touch with Jamani’s Web Solution?

You have many options when getting in touch with a member of the Jamani’s team, you can contact us via:
Telephone: +92-313-2579641
Live Chat: Click the live chat button at the bottom right hand side of the screen.

How can I make payment for my project?

Jamani’s web solutions allow bill clearance through all possible means of payment i.e.: via western union, by online bank transfer, through cheque, via PayPal, and other similar options.

Do I pay 100% upfront or is the payment split into stages?

We don’t believe in taking full payment upfront from a customer. When paying for services from Jamani’s web solution we will only ever ask for 50% upfront and then 50% upon completion.

What can I edit on my website?

Once your website has been completed you are free to edit your website at will. You can add more pages, text, images, videos, graphic images and much more. You will simply have full control of the website as you own it 100%.

Do I receive a mock up?

Of course! We understand that our clients like to receive a mock up before it get’s to the stage of coding the website, The mock up process works in a very similar fashion to the logo design stage. We will work extremely closely with you to fully understand the type of design you require, once we have an overview of the project we will design your mock up.

Once the mock up has been designed you are more than welcome to make minor revisions at this stage. If you do require revisions to the mock up we shall implement them as the website is being coded.

What platforms do you work on?

For mobile app development we provide native iOS and Android development for phone and tablet apps. For web and integrated development we work primarily in PHP and Ruby on Rails. We also work in Java and Objective-C.

Can you guarantee me top placement on Google?

No. No one can. People say it, and there are certainly things you can do right to get good placement, but no one can truly guarantee any search results. Search companies make those decisions. Google, Bing and other search engines often make adjustments to the results they show. Because everyone wants to be at the top, search companies adapt quickly to tricks. In addition, many companies, not just yours, are working to get top placement. So results also change due to competition and new content being added to the web.

Jamani’s provides strictly white-hat SEO services. We execute all the fundamentals that Google and Bing suggest. Then we work with our clients to create content and products that users will see value in. Good content and simply being better than your competition in your web, mobile, social and marketing efforts will naturally lead to good placement. Good SEO is about a good technical foundation, good content, and ongoing strategy.

I have a question that i didn’t see on this page.

We want to hear from you. Please call +92-313-2579641 now for a free quote, or for more information you may also send us an email:

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