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The Jamani web solutions are famous in providing web related services. However, as the world is changing at face pace one cannot limit itself to web business. As the industry has step into mobile development, it lead many users to increase mobile usage. Now a quality mobile can serve all the purposes of a laptop. This leads Jamani web solutions to step in to the field of mobile apps development.

What we do

The application built in our factory is found to be compatible with most the operating systems and can be used for most of the mobiles. The thing which distinguishes Jamani web solutions from others is its innovation in the applications. This innovation comes from the fertile minds of developers who are professional and highly motivated towards work.

Our mobile application development team includes professionals who know how make an app friendly for user interface. They have programming experience which helps them in coding to be used in development of modern apps which suits the demands of the market.

Mobile application development platforms Jamani’s web solution specializes in are:


  • Apple iPhone application development for 3GS, 3, 4, 4S and also for iOS versions of apple mobiles
  • Applications for apple iPad.
  • Mobile Search Campaigns
  • Android applications development for android based mobiles.
  • 2D Barcodes/QR Codes
  • Application for black Berry mobiles.
  • Mobile Marketing display campaigns

These apps have made the website or software development companies hold the major part of the market. It is because, a large amount of the public have turned to the jam packed mobiles. Those who do not require web related services are found to have a requirement of these organizations which makes the development of innovative apps possible.

We have developed user friendly apps covering platforms like apple applications and android application and others as mentioned above. You will find our apps the most innovative and distinguished from the others. This is our trademark to provide quality in an innovative manner.

Things we have Done

We are building bridges in web technology in order to connect the client’s goal to reality


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