Jamani’s web solutions realize the right of the customer’s privacy. Therefore, we have devised the policy for protecting the information of our customers provided to us. We make it sure that the information volunteered by our customers is safe with us. The business details of our client, contact number, address and other information are not meant to be shown to outsiders. Hence, we need to keep it all safe and we cannot use this information to gain unfair advantages. Instead this info is treated with great confidentiality and is used only for the purpose concerned.

The privacy policy of Jamani’s Web Solutions commits to maintain the privacy of its users’ information. It makes sure that its client’s information is highly secured from the threat of being hacked by the outsiders. For example, the websites developed by Jamani’s web solutions allow access to those users only which agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policies of the website. By checking a dialogue box which requires visitor’s agreement one can move further to collect information of their own choice.

Jamani’s works on the strict policy to provide a customer with a unique web design. It involves working with great caution and care that the design, logo, graphics or artwork of one client do not contradict with another. This is something which gives a person with quality visibility and distinguished place.

The privacy policy used by Jamani’s Web Solutions requires from the interested people to fill a form to get registered with the concerned website. This information is stored in the database of the website and is used to recognize a specific user if that user come to the site again. This information is stored under high protection to ensure 100% security which helps in building the trust of customers.

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